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En Essonne Réussir (september/october 2012)

“En Essonne Réussir” magazine, in its september/October 2012 issue, echoes 2012 startup awards of the Paris board of trade (CCIE). Electronic Eye has been rewarded as the best innovative startup. We thank the magazine and journalist L. Amette.

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Words from founder & CEO (june 2012)

David Troude, founder of Electronic Eye presents the business solutions of his company, its innovative content for its clients and the interactive imagery production process.

Luxury Hospitality Daily (november 2011)

LH Publishing group owns an internet portal about luxury hospitality and gourmet restaurants. Through the Journal des Palaces and its english version Luxury Hospitality Daily, the group echoes Electronic Eye’s press release. Electronic Eye is an interactive imagery production agency specialized in 360° interactive virtual tours and photographs with hyper zoom kinematics. We thank the group for the publishing.

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Electronic Eye Press Release (november 2011)

Press Release published on November 15, 2011. Highlights on the business of the interactive imagery production company named Electronic Eye. A few samples of 360° interactive virtual tours, photographs with hyper zoom kinematics and the vision of the Founder and CEO, David Troude are proposed in the press release.

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Figaro Magazine (march 2011)

Figaro Magazine issued on March 16, 2011 includes a 80 page Real Estate spécial study. Journalist Jean-Bernard Litzler, in his article named “What Internet can do for you” mentions Electronic Eye for its impressive virtual tours.