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Web imagery for luxury and high-end markets

Interactive virtual tour in 360°

Interactive virtual tours in 360° high quality

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Objects in 360° high quality

Objects in 360° high quality

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Hyper Zoom in very high resolution

Hyper Zoom in very high resolution

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David Troude – Founder

Electronic Eye has been created in 2011, following an 18 month Research & Development period. As interactivity is a major retaining element for internet users, our agency has developped a state-of-the-art imagery, to present high-end products and sites over the internet.

Luxury markets in the center of our solutions

The company is focused on luxury and high-end markets: luxury hotels, outstanding realty, luxury car dealers, holiday rentals, corporate aircrafts but also the Art space. Electronic Eye is producing 3 innovative and immersive imagery solutions: high quality interactive virtual tours in 360°, 360° around objects in high quality and photographs which embed an hyper zoom kinematic in very high resolution.

Immersion and interactivity, an innovation to make the différence

Such imagery for the luxury markets is a world premiere. The solutions bring interactivity to the end user and client. The user controls any movement in the interactive visual, get a zooming feature like never seen before and even a full screen mode! «You visit the product as if you were there, as many times as you want, and zoom wherever you want to» says David Troude Electronic Eye Founder and CEO. Former Walt Disney Studios executive in the US, David adds a few words «It seemed obvious to propose solutions which meet our customer expectations, bring a revolutionary visual experience and become a standard in the luxury and high-end markets. Those markets deserve such high quality imagery to promote their products».

A professional photographer Network, A service in 4 steps and 48 hours

Our professional photographers are fully trained to our imagery and Electronic Eye certified. We have also developped a production process which ensures quality, celerity, sustainability and cost. «Our processes are very similar to the industry’s. A golden rule which enables us to deliver our imagery within 48 hours with a unique quality and at the right price» David says.

Hosting and transfer of right to use, a packaged solution

The hosting of the clients’ imagery is another special feature Made in Electronic Eye. «Our clients are looking for a turnkey solution with no data storage issues. For these reasons we host on our web-optimized and secured infrastructures. Our clients just need to add a few lines of code to embed the visuals to their websites. It’s quick and easy!».

«The legal Right to Use our imagery is also transferred to our clients. It’s all included in our monthly subscription, it’s very flexible, without any term commitment while compliant with legal rules»

We shoot local

We build central

We think global

Words of the Founder