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Our customers say it best!

Modena Motors | Ferrari & Maserati | France

Welcoming our clients at Modena Motors premises is very important to us. We wanted our showrooms to be visible on the web for our clients but also for every single person interested in luxury cars in France or anywhere in the world. Thanks to Electronic Eye and its amazing imagery, it’s now becoming a reality. Anyone can visit one of our 3 showrooms and sit down in the most beautiful Ferrari or Maserati automobiles. It’s a unique experience where after visiting us virtually you want to come in real! We’ve choosen Electronic Eye for the very high quality for its 360° interactive tours and all augmented reality features such as integrated 3D video, music and car engine sounds…we’re delighted with the end result that is really in phase with our core business.

Nicolas Goyer | Marketing & Communication

Jetcraft Corporation | Aircraft Sales, Acquisitions & Trades | USA

We were seeking a way to make the difference with our competitors. Innovation to introduce our aircraft portfolio to the world is a high priority for Jetcraft. Electronic Eye became so obvious when we saw the quality of the 360° virtual tours and the level of augmented realty. The result is above expectations since we attract new customers, we increase our aircraft turnover and also are able to show our aircrafts offline on our iPads close to the customer. This would be nothing without Electronic Eye’s service! 48 hours to get our 360° virtual tour, we still cannot believe it!!!

Christie Martin-Gray | Marketing Director

Army Museum Invalides | France

We were willing to present our museum in a very unusual way where internet visitors can view the spaces like they will never see them on site. Electronic Eye became an evidence. Highly professional, very proactive and technology aware, the end result is above our expectations. What a great experience to see the Electronic Eye’s CEO walking on top of Napoleon’s tomb! Thanks a million!

Cecile Chassagne | Head of web & multimedia

Fiorano Racing | Ferrari Service | France

Introducing our Ferrari maintenance facility is key to relieve our clients. A 360° tour provides a full interactive visit of our service center including the waiting room. Electronic Eye also designed and developed our website for higher visibility on the web. Highly professional!

Dominique Roméo | Owner

Philippe Guegan | Bronze Sculptor | France

Meeting and sharing my artwork with Electronic Eye was like a revelation. I was looking for the best way to introduce my bronze sculptures to automobile passionates. Electronic Eye’s imagery served my sculptors with both rotation around objects in 360° and photographs in hyper zoom. On top of it, they proposed me to develop and host my website! It is an amazing step forward for an artist like me. My artwork is visible from anywhere in the world and in very high resolution. It’s really above my expectations and dreams. Thank you!

Philippe Guegan | Emotion Sculptor

Claire Richer | Villa Santa Clara | Sint Maarten

Villa Santa Clara is located in Sint Maarten, Carribean. Our clients are mostly coming from the USA and we wanted to present our outstanding villa on the internet and make the difference with many other holiday rentals. Electronic Eye offered a turn-key solution, designed our website, produced an amazing 360° interactive tour to fully visit the villa and also helped us on the SEO of the website. Very professional and a very high quality service in a fast and reliable mode. Occupancy rate gained 30%!

Claire Richer, Owner of Villa Santa Clara

Swissvax Paris | Car Detailing | France

Our new premises in the Paris area are specifically designed for sport and luxury cars. When we met with David and Electronic Eye, we rapidely understood the need to present our Detailing Center on the internet in an highly innovative way to reassure our clients. The imagery Electronic Eye produced is just amazing thanks to its skills in interactive imagery. Fast service, nice guys and very, very professional. Congrats Folks!

Sébastien Jacquet, SJ Detailing

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Universal Accessibility

Universal AccessibilityYour customers can explore your objects in 360°, Interactive Virtual Tour or Hyper Zoom from any computer or mobile device – no downloads or plug-ins required! Plus, our ultra-fast Cloud-based hosting and intuitive navigation mean your customers won’t lose interest waiting for a slow-loading imagery.

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A photographer International network

Electronic Eye certified photographers Electronic Eye is a unique professional photographer network at your service. Fully trained and certified, our photographers provide you with a reliable and sustainable service.

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Fast and reliable

Electronic Eye turn-key solutionsA 4 step turn-key solution, fast and reliable. A very high quality end product at the best price ever.

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Headline: 2012 Award

Electronic Eye 2012 Startup Award2012 innovative startup award for Electronic Eye (southern Paris Board of Trade).

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